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Swimming Pool Safety at Poolsafely.gov

The US Government has a great resource for swimming pool safety. Check them out here at Poolsafely.gov . This is a site created by the Consumer Product Safety Commision, they have lots of educational resources for keeping a safe pool. CPSC’s Pool Safely campaign offers a variety of educational materials for parents and families to learn more about water safety in and around pools and spas. These tools—brochures, tip cards and videos—highlight the water safety steps families can take to be safe while having fun in the water. CPSC brochures, tip cards, videos and public service announcements are available on this website for your family or to share with your friends and neighbors.  
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Top 5 Inground Pools Safety Tips

Swimming Pool Safety Having backyard inground pools brings a lot of fun and cool relaxation to a hot summer day. Its important to make sure that Swimming Pool Safety is a top priority for any inground pool owner. Here are our top 5 Swimming Pool Safety tips to ensure your family has a fun filled, safe summer. Be Alert and aware of all children playing in or around inground pools. Knowing where everyone is at all times is very important. Having more than one adult around to supervise more than one child can be a great asset. Ensure that people in the pool know how to swim. For people who are learning how to swim, ensure they stay in the shallow end and know to exit the pool in the correct way. Have a cell phone nearby to call 911 immediately should an emergency occur. Taking time to find a phone to call 911 can waste valuable time in an crisis scenario. Be sure to have a flotation device close by the inground pool. Should someone start to struggle in the water, a flotation device can assist. Be sure to have a dedicated flotation device nearby, and never rely on a pool toy as an emergency flotation device. Learn basic water safety and CPR. Learn how to swim and teach your children how to swim. Be aware of life saving basics around swimming pools. The most important factor to inground pools safety is education. Educate all the people around the pool about what to do if an emergency occurs. Having a plan of action and knowing what to do can be a life saving resource. Swimming pools are meant to have fun in, just make sure you take […]
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